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Support your local bookseller

Updated: Jan 17

Another day, another book signing.  Hours of sitting, contemplating your career, staring at shelf-loads of brilliant books written by other people, waiting for a customer or just someone interesting to talk to. 

This is my local independent bookseller: Drake in Stockton.  They need supporting if they are not to disappear altogether.  Show an interest, buy a book from them every now and again, instead of from AMZ.  They are keen to help local writers, will help with networks and contacts.  The coffee was good too, even though the store was quiet for a Saturday.

And don’t forget the FESTIVAL OF WRITING from 6-8 SEPTEMBER 2019 organized by Jericho Writers (Harry Bingham) at the UNIVERSITY of YORK – for creative writing workshops, keynote lectures, one-to-ones with agents and book doctors, competitions and gala dinner.  

Book your place as soon as you can.   I will report back in due course.

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