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A Shelfie Of Books

Updated: Jan 17


Here we are on a quiet afternoon at the end of summer and I just thought about my favourite books of all time – these are books that I loved from the moment I started to read them, books that I have read again and sometimes again, going back to when I was about eight and took reading seriously. 

(From that moment when I first read The Three Musketeers, I decided I wanted to write novels.)

Here is my collection of favourite six books of all time – but oh, how meaningless, really, a self-indulgent exercise, that satisfies no one.  Nevertheless, these books live close to my heart, go everywhere with me – see how battered they are – perhaps I shall get new copies sometime.

                                         The Three Musketeers            Alexandre Dumas

                                          Great Expectations                  Charles Dickens

                                           The Game of Kings                Dorothy Dunnett

                                                 The Magus                            John Fowles                                         

                                                 The Source                     James A. Mitchener

                                     Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy              John le Carre

Everyone has their own personal FAVOURITES – you can always post yours or provide us with comments here.

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